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  • Staff and Student Exchange Programs:

Professional staff exchange programs are cost-effective means to promote internationalisation among an underserved population. The plan commits to fostering a global mind-set among students, faculty, and staff.

Foreign staff also come to India for a parallel learning experience. Staff and Student Exchange Program enhances global awareness, encourages the development of cross-cultural perspectives, and broadens career skills through direct in-service experiences. In another respect, it exposes local staff to the work ways and mind-sets of international colleagues engaged in reciprocal visits.

By adapting to another educational culture, one will find that he/she become increasingly flexible in their approach to study and confident in the way they tackle assignments. Many students who participate in an international student exchange receive improved grades in their final year.

Short-term professional development experiences abroad are already common practice in business schools. Administrators who would like to establish a global staff exchange may benefit from pointing to the success of such programmes as they pursue resources. An obvious starting point in the identification of partner school/universities is institutions with which a university already has faculty or student exchange agreements. At the same time, staff exchange agreements may be signed with desirable new partner school/universities in cases when faculty or student exchange may not be an immediate option. This programme can easily be implemented in a short period of time and with modest funding.

In a truly globalised institution, all member of the community should have opportunities to acquire international understanding, exposure, and career experience. Just as students are helped to prepare for a globalised world, the creation of international professional staff development options is a realisable goal for institutions that seek to promote internationalisation and facilitate success for every member of their communities.

(All participant will be receiving a Completion Certificate from ICYE on their successfully completion of Exchange program.)

  • Mentoring Program:

Using the power of digital world, we empower the needy through mentoring program. A carefully drawn team will interact with teachers and students in developing innovative projects for educational needs in preparation for rounded graduates.

Our Mentor Program facilitates mentoring relationships, using a combination of online and in-person mentoring, that help youth at the fringes of development make positive life choices, build skills and expand their access to resources and opportunities. Students go through high school with numerous academic, social, athletic, and leadership opportunities ahead of them, and deciding where to spend one’s limited time is not easy. ICYE through its various agencies would play a major role in mentoring and encouraging activities in schools for the promotion of Science.

The role of our Mentoring Program would be to:

  • To improve student engagements through Science and Mathematics activities in schools
  • To create a culture of “making and doing” by students and teachers.
  • To encourage collaborative engagement of teachers and students with planned and coordinated sustenance in the form of material access (resources, documentation and e-materials), institutional support (work load, scheduling, flexibility etc.) and intellectual support (content experts, mentoring, etc.).
  • To ensure technology enabled scientific talks at schools.

We need adult volunteers to coordinate the program and provide oversight. If you are interested and can volunteer for the opportunity, please contact us.


PM’s Scholarship scheme was introduced from the year of 2006-07 to support Technical & Professional Education for bright students who got excellent marks in their higher secondary education. We would like to inform all parent to apply for scholarship for their children if they fulfill following criteria. Now, it’s time for parents to be proud of their children who bright their parents name with their intelligence & hard work. The Scholarship program is available for for students from Classes IV to X, father to under and post graduate students.

Dr Abdul Kalam International Postgraduate Scholarships, has been announced through the various Universities Globally including UK. For more information on how we can help please contact us.

  • ICT for Education:

Improving Education system through Information Technology (IT) can help create an education system that is based on the principles of helping teachers be effective in what they do; improving the quality and relevance of classroom instruction; and making quantifiable and measurable progress towards improving efficiency. All this is to be done with an understanding of the special social, cultural, political, infrastructural and economic factors prevalent in the country.

Using our teaching experience we identified the common trend of learning styles among the students. Further research is required to investigate digital competence formation among future teachers. Our attempt to find out an unknown factor that has a significant impact on the pedagogical process and to understand the nature of this phenomenon was based on the considering modern students as the representatives of the new generation.

Using Airson Edutech (Mumbai, India) platform, we have successfully delivered 4-5 remote sessions of IT way of teaching and tutoring in 3 different schools in Mumbai, India. For more information please contact us.

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  • Staff and student exchange programs
  • Mentoring
  • APJ Kalam Scholarship
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