Information and communications technologies for Development

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The United Nations, through its UN Development Programme, actively promotes ICT4D as a powerful tool for economic and social development around the world.

New ways of using IT technologies and communication systems are transforming lives across the world. There had been concerns that the digital divide was accelerating the global class structure, creating wider gaps between the haves and have-nots. If this was the case 10 years ago, the recent changes in mobile subscriptions alone have significantly closed that gap. Mobile services are a reality in virtually all corners of the world. For many millions of smallholder farmers and traders, mobiles phones have become an essential “tool of the trade”, strengthening existing business ties and opening up new opportunities with huge reductions in transaction times and cost.

ICT for development includes many types of infrastructure and services, ranging from telecommunications, such as voice, data, and media services, to specific applications, such as banking, education, or health, to the implementation of electronic government (e-government).

We will be actively supporting and contributing towards DIGITAL INDIA project. ‘Pillars of the Digital India’ that they identify as being:

  1. Broadband Highways
  2. Universal Access to Mobile Connectivity
  3. Public Internet Access Programme
  4. e-Governance – Reforming Government through Technology
  5. eKranti – Electronic delivery of services
  6. Information for All
  7. Electronics Manufacturing
  8. Digital or IT for Jobs
  9. Early Harvest Programmes

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  • Information and communications technologies for Development
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